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Our services include installation, maintenance and support of hardware, software and network solutions specifically tailored to the needs of the customers – if and where required. The service offerings also include automated data etc back-up solutions. On-site monitoring and support are provided to customers. Consultancy services are provided where such consultancy is specific to the needs of the customer’s IT solution.

Comprehensive IT Support

All of our IT support packages include unlimited remote support with a 15 minute target response time and a next day onsite response if a fault cannot be repaired remotely. Advanced support options include unlimited onsite calls and scheduled weekly visits by accredited engineers who are able to consult and advise your business at a Director level. As a South African IT support company, we work closely with our clients, appointing dedicated account managers to manage the on-going needs of their organisations. In addition to resolving the daily IT issues that threaten the productivity of your business, Mustard will proactively monitor your network to optimise performance and provide advice you on business continuity and disaster recovery planning.
A network is the backbone of any modern business and IT systems are often put under great strain by users accessing files on desktop PCs, laptops and tablets. JC IT Solutions can monitor technical resources and provide vital support when things go wrong, ensuring productivity never suffers.
In addition to PC installations and server commissioning, JC IT Solutions has extensive experience managing office moves, installing structured cabling systems and designing disaster recovery solutions for its clients. Talk to one of our experts about your IT project today.
Our clients rely on us to help plan their IT spending by documenting IT hardware, advising on IT strategy and assisting with warranty and software license management.
With the proliferation of hosted applications and Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing is becoming a reality for more and more Africa businesses. JC IT Solutions offers a comprehensive range of cloud products including cloud email, Office365 and online storage.
Upgraded operating systems and Windows security patches can cause a variety of problems for application software. JC IT Solutions always tries to avoid such issues by speaking directly with software vendors prior to any planned system upgrade or migration. But if problems do arise, we’ll liaise with their support teams on your behalf, leaving you to concentrate on your work.
Dedicated account managers work with all JC IT Solutions support customers to consult and advise on every aspect of their network including license management and compliance.
JC IT Solutions wants to ensure you get the most from your IT, and for this it is essential that your users ‘buy into’ new systems and software applications. That’s why our engineers take the time to train your staff following a major upgrade, as well as providing ad hoc support by telephone as and when it is required.
Sometimes, a structured course is required where comprehensive knowledge of a new package is needed in a hurry. JC IT Solutions can get your users up to speed on Office, accounts and a range of other software with bespoke onsite or offsite courses. Please speak to one of our consultants today.

Cloud Computing

Imagine if all of your employees can connect to the applications and files they depend on from anywhere in the world on any given device: This is the power of the cloud. Enhance your collaborative efforts, increase productivity and unite your workforce, no matter how you do business. From the plug-and-play simplicity of Office 365 to the scaling power of Azure and AWS, the cloud helps you streamline your workflow and redefine what is possible.

What cloud solution is right for me?

There are several considerations to take into account when deciding on a cloud solution. The type of files you will be storing and sharing and your available bandwidth will determine what will work best in your situation. JC IT will work closely with you to design a cloud infrastructure that will deliver on the features you need, whether a public, private or hybrid solution.

Working with JC IT

Your business continuity is assured as your migration will be seamless and trouble-free. With several deployment options and a subscription-based payment schedule, you can start working smarter, not harder.

You can count on our expert guidance in helping you determine your specific cloud requirements. Easy to work with and easily understood, our engineers speak your language: we take the time to explain every step so that you are always part of the process.
Migrating to the cloud has many cost and security advantages. Eliminate server and maintenance expense while ensuring your vital data is protected with the most up-to-date cyber security protocols available.
JC IT Solutions provides set-up, maintenance and wrap-around support for all of your cloud needs. We can be as hands-on or as hands-off as needed – it’s all about the way you do business.
Access your email from any location and any device with an internet connection. Empower your remote workers to accomplish more while staying on top of every communication.
Your information is stored in the cloud, so lost data from crashes, server or hardware failure are a thing of the past. Secure backups allow full restoration in case of any type of disaster, ensuring your uptime no matter what.
Establish as many unique email accounts as you need at no extra cost. Subscription-based pricing structure provides a predictable monthly spend and can be scaled instantly when the need arises.
Cloud storage provides a flexible solution to accessing your files that will grow with your business. Secure backups facilitate business continuity and assure that your data is always available whenever and wherever you need it.
No more time spent searching for the files you need. A central store of your documents in one single location helps manage master copies and allows you and your colleagues to access important information immediately via any device, from any location.
Manage and share documents with co-workers or clients no matter where in the world they are. Configure team sites to facilitate collaboration on projects, assigning tasks and managing access across the team.

Infrastructure Development

When IT people talk about the infrastructure on which your network operates they often use the analogy of the foundations on which your house was built. It is true that the quality and specification of network switches, routers, structured cabling, hardware and internet connectivity all play a vital role in ensuring your IT systems deliver optimum performance for your business. However, unlike the foundations beneath your house, this infrastructure needs to be regularly monitored, reviewed and upgraded to ensure the changing needs of your organisation continue to be well served by what lies beneath. JC IT will never allow the fundamental components of your network to become obsolete over time. That’s why the roadmap we produce for your network at the start of our relationship is regularly reviewed and updated long into the future.
Routers act as your gateway to the internet but you must be careful not to leave that gate open. What’s more, remote connectivity solutions may enable workers to remain productive when they are away from the office but you need to ensure that only trusted users are allowed access to your systems. Speak to JC IT Solutions about your router and switchgear requirements today.
If network cabling is the system of veins and arteries that carries data around the body of your network, your network switch is the brains of the operation. The model you choose will have a direct bearing on your business productivity, so talk to Mustard about your options.
The needs of every JC IT Solutions client are different. JC IT Solutions does not operate a ‘one size fits all’ policy but instead studies a number of factors before recommending a final solution. These may include capacity, performance, scalability, availability, data protection and budget.
Servers and storage devices are the most critical components on your business network, since they store the data that enables your organisation to function. As such, JC IT Solutions engineers will perform a thorough review of your backup and disaster recovery plans any time we are asked to specify this kind of hardware.
Network cabling solutions need to be installed to precise specifications in order to operate effectively. Our installers hold relevant accreditations and work to exacting standards to ensure your cabling is fit for the task ahead.
JC IT Solutions works with some of the leading telecoms companies and internet services providers to offer clients a wide choice of solutions from broadband to dedicated lease lines. Our experience in working with Telkom and other telecoms service providers will spare you unnecessary complications when moving office or provisioning new services.
If a terrorist incident rendered your business premises inaccessible tomorrow how would your business continue to function? JC IT Solutions can help you with continuity planning to keep your business operating as well as disaster recovery solutions that restore your systems back to how they were prior to the incident.
If you are running a nightly backup, ask yourself when was the last time it was tested? JC IT Solutions will perform sample restores for contracted support clients to ensure your critical files are there when you need them. We will also review your disaster recovery plan at regular intervals.

IT Consultancy

All businesses face unique challenges when it comes to IT infrastructure and IT management. Your business may have certain requirements that need a specialised approach. Whether it is questions on the security of user data, a custom disaster recovery plan, implementing well-designed networks or gaining an advantage from the cloud – there are often many things to consider. This depth of knowledge needed to manage IT today is constantly expanding and it can easily be overwhelming for businesses to handle alone. The good news is that there is help available. JC IT is a well-respected IT consultancy based in South Africa with a team of experienced IT consultants and engineers. We have broad knowledge of various IT disciplines including IT relocation, cyber security, disaster recovery, network design, phone and VoIP systems, cloud infrastructure and much more. No matter your requirements, we work to understand your business objectives and develop IT systems that help you achieve your goals.
JC IT Solutions is happy to work as part of the team or to lead from the front. We have successfully project managed a variety of IT projects over the years including many office relocations and would be happy to take responsibility for your office move.
JC IT Solutions schedules most office moves to take place over a weekend. Our engineers are happy to work outside of normal office hours to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum and we’ll be there early on Monday morning to check everything is working as it should be.
We are in the communications business and we like to practice as we preach. JC IT Solutions will liaise regularly with your office removal company, onsite contractors and third party suppliers such Telkom and Internet Service Providers to make sure everything runs like clockwork.
JC IT Solutions never loses sight of the fact that our solutions need to be built around your business. Before recommending a solution, we’ll assess security at every level throughout your organisation, from physical access to business-critical hardware to confidential data being transported on mobile devices.
Remote working solutions help your staff stay in touch when they are out of the office. Tablets, smartphones, remote desktop connections and voice over IP telephony can all play their part in ensuring colleagues and contractors enjoy the right level of access to the right information whilst they are on the move.
With office space at a premium in Johannesburg and the South Africa, teleworking solutions from JC IT Solutions enable staff to operate from home with the same level of access to your network and your company phone system as their office-based colleagues. Remote working facilities can also play and important role in your business continuity and disaster recovery planning
If you already have a network, JC IT Solution will investigate performance issues and recommend solutions to overcome them. If you do not, our engineers will work with you to design, install and configure a network solution tailored to the specific needs of your business.
We understand the importance of a healthy network to the smooth functioning of your business. In addition to providing ongoing maintenance, our friendly engineers will therefore constantly review the performance of all network hardware and provide you with critical feedback along the way.

Happy Clients

I strongly believe that JC IT Solutions is one of the best IT companies taking the IT support industry by storm. - Fungai Chizunza

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